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Rymill Coonawarra

Rymill History

Peter & Judy Rymill

Rymill Coonawarra was founded in the early 70's by Peter Riddoch Rymill, the elder son of John and Eleanor Rymill. A keen equestrian like his father, he competed in California and Ireland, retiring after he won the Australian Show Jumping Championship in 1965.

Peter married international Three Day Eventer and Show Jumper Judith Ritchie in 1964, and horses continued to play an integral role in their competitive and farming lives.

Peter and Judy diversified into viticulture in 1968 with an experimental vineyard, and six years later the family enterprise returned to Coonawarra when planting began on the Rymill Coonawarra Vineyards.

While Judy managed the family farm, Peter completed a degree in Wine Science and a diploma in Wine Marketing before he began building the winery in 1990.



Their Forefathers

The Rymill family have a rich history in the Coonawarra region dating back to John Rymill’s great-great grandfather Scottish-born John Riddoch who arrived during the Australian gold rush in 1852, and subsequently founded Coonawarra in 1890.

John Riddoch’s daughter, Mary, grew up at Yallum and married Robert Rymill, the neighbouring Penola farmer.

Her son, John Riddoch Rymill, a distinguished polar explorer, led the 1934-37 British Graham Land Expedition to the Antarctic.

The current Rymill Coonawarra team still channels the Rymill family's pioneering heritage and spirit to focus on innovative winemaking and modern, sustainable vineyard management.